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Cradle Organizers Getting Out

…into the community.

Lewisburg Arts Festival, Lewisburg, PA

Cradle organizers spent the day at the Lewisburg Arts Festival in our tent that was part of the Community Commons, located in Hufnagle Park.  Our tent featured cloth diaper information, baby wearing demonstrations, hula hooping, cat’s cradle (string game), and all kinds of resources regarding fertility, pregnancy, & childbirth.  We also had our adorable canvas bags for sale (contact us if you still need one!).


We had a blast hearing women’s stories, answering questions, playing, and just being part of the community.  A special thanks to Ruth Tincoff of the Central PA Chapter of Breastfeeding USA for loaning a table to us!


Midwifery Today Conference, Harrisburg, PA

Midwifery Today held their conference, “Out of Many, One: Unity in Midwifery” from April 23-27.  While none of us could afford (in money or time) to attend the entire conference, three Cradle organizers attended parts of it.  We learned from fabulous midwives, academics, and activists such as Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Orgasmic Birth), Sister MorningStar (The Power of Women), Gail Tully (Spinning Babies), and Robbie Davis-Floyd (Birth as an American Rite of Passage).  When we weren’t attending sessions, we perused the exhibit hall or met to reflect on all that we were experiencing.

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