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Changes at Cradle in 2018

Cradle has been supporting women and families in the Central Susquehanna Valley for five years. During that time, we have met, supported, and worked with many fabulous women. We have participated in numerous community events such as Lewisburg Arts Festival and National Night Out. We have offered more than 25 free educational programs. We have gone through various stages as an organization, grown as individuals, and had a lot of fun doing it. We are grateful for all of the community support that we have received in the form of referrals, volunteers, Board Members, and program facilitators. We are especially grateful to the Public Library for Union County, which has hosted our events for the past three years.


At this point in time we are downsizing because of low event attendance and a shrinking Board of Directors. Consequently, we are discontinuing our events at the end of 2017. We will continue to maintain our Facebook page and web site as a community resource. Feel free to Facebook message or email us at any time!

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