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A Note from the Founder: Changes!

One of the most awesome things about building an organization that focuses primarily on women and babies, is the awesome sisterhood that develops among the women as we face great joys, huge disappointments, new fears, growth, relationship-changes, body changes and on and on and on.  But one of the greatest challenges of the organization is that we are all going through such a rollercoaster of adventures that our responsibilities and availability to the organization are a constant negotiation.  Add to that the fact that we are all very driven, passionate doers, and it is nearly impossible to get enough time with each other!

The past year as a community organization has seen major changes in our leadership. Two of our Board Members, Katherine Weaver and Sarah McBride, left the Board to pursue training and work in midwifery.  This was bittersweet for Cradle as we were happy to see two of our favorite women pursuing their passion for birth (and adding to the midwifery community) but sorry to lose them from our Board.  Two other members, Tasha Hall and Ariana Stuhl, announced that they were pregnant with each of their second children (<3 Edgar and Whitley).  Another member, Kathy Kristjanson-Gural, stepped down from the Board to focus her energy on starting Wild Goose Farm, a membership organization for learning, growing, and sharing in nature (and a really awesome place!).  This fall, Board Member Tasha Hall stepped down to focus on her growing family and career aspirations.

L to R: Julie, Sarah, Ariana, Edgar, Tasha, Meredith

L to R: Julie, Sarah, Ariana, Edgar, Tasha, Meredith

Last fall I began attending graduate school full-time at Penn State University in order to pursue my passion for women’s reproductive health.  I intended to maintain my level of involvement with Cradle while in school.  However, I soon realized that a 3-hour daily commute + classes and school work were too much to add without taking something else away from my busy life.  The first thing I took away was a clean house.  I accepted that I could not stay on top of the laundry or keep the house clean, because my time outside of school had to go to really being present with my family.  But I struggled to fulfill my responsibilities to Cradle – something else had to give.  I am happy to report that due to the most recent changes, I am now taking a much smaller role in Cradle.

In July, we began a search for new Board Members – and we had great success. I am ecstatic to welcome our three newest Board Members: Alycia English, Mackenzie Ficks, and Jessica Frits Roberts.  After just one meeting, Jessica has already taken over Cradle’s publicity, and we are looking forward to seeing how Alycia and Mackenzie become involved with the organization.

I miss seeing the original Board Members on a regular basis.  They have all become such dear friends to me.  But I am thankful for the energy, love, and insight that they brought to Cradle – and even more grateful that they were honest about their commitments and stepped away when they needed to.  Yet I am most appreciative of the women who have stepped up to join our Board and bring new energy to Cradle as it continues to evolve!


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